9 Best All-Season Tires for Snow Driving in 2023 Reviewed

best all season tire for snow

Looking for the best all season tires for snow driving that are dependable and won’t skid? Roll-in.

Driving in snowy conditions can be challenging without the right tires. As winter approaches, many drivers wonder if their all-season tires will provide adequate traction in the snow or if they need snow tires. With advancements in all-season tire technology, several top-rated options now offer impressive snow and ice performance while maintaining wet and dry handling.

In this review, we’ll discuss the benefits of all-season tires for light snow and highlight the best all-season tires for snow driving based on our testing data and customer reviews. 

Whether you drive an SUV, crossover, truck, or sedan, we have specific recommendations for enhancing traction this winter.

Top Picks for Best All-Season Tires for Snow in 2023

After extensive research and testing, I picked the top 9 all-season tires that excel in snow and ice traction while providing year-round performance. Here are the best all-season tires for snowy driving this winter:

1. Michelin CrossClimate 2

Michelin CrossClimate 2

Highlight: The thermo-adaptive tread compound enhances cold-weather performance.

As Michelin’s leading all-season tire, the CrossClimate 2 combines innovative tread technologies for impressive performance across wet, dry, and wintry conditions. 

The directional tread pattern features independent tread blocks in a V-formation to enhance rigidity and handling response. Paired with multiple lateral grooves and high-density 3D sipes across the blocks, the CrossClimate 2 effectively channels water, slush, and snow away from the tread.

The proprietary MaxTouch Construction uses a high-fill silica compound and twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon for durability, comfort, and longevity. But the standout feature is the Thermo-adaptive Technology, which uses flexible rubber tread compounds to maintain grip and pliability in cold temperatures for snow and ice traction.

During winter testing, the CrossClimate 2 stopped up to 19 feet shorter on snow and 21 feet shorter on ice compared to leading competitors. Drivers praise its traction and control in snow, slush, heavy rain, and cold temperatures when other all-season tires start to struggle. 

With over 50,000 customer reviews and high ratings across retail sites, the CrossClimate 2 impresses drivers with its four-season performance, even wear, comfortable ride quality, and longevity.


  • Exceptional wet and dry braking
  • Strong snow and wet traction
  • Comfortable and quiet ride


  • Relatively higher pricing

2. Bridgestone Weatherpeak

Bridgestone Weatherpeak

Highlight 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification for winter traction.

As part of the Bridgestone Blizzak line engineered for winter performance, the Weatherpeak uses an asymmetric tread pattern optimized to grip snow and ice while providing versatile all-season handling. 

The open shoulder slot design enhances water evacuation to resist hydroplaning, while circumferential grooves and wide lateral grooves channel away slush and snow buildup.

The Weatherpeak utilizes Bridgestone’s proprietary NanoPro-Tech polymer technology to maintain pliability and grip across changing temperatures. 

Hundreds of EdgePerformance intermediate sipes provide extra biting edges for snowy traction. During wet braking tests, the Weatherpeak stopped up to 7 feet shorter than leading competitors on wet pavement.

Certified with the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, drivers praise the Weatherpeak’s stability, control, and stopping confidence across wet, snowy, and slushy conditions. The asymmetric tread design focused on winter performance helps minimize road noise for a quieter highway ride. With a 70,000-mile warranty, the Weatherpeak is an excellent choice for drivers wanting impressive all-season snow and ice traction.


  • Outstanding wet and winter performance
  • Excellent water evacuation
  • Quiet and comfortable ride


  • May have slightly increased road noise

3. Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Highlight: Weather Reactive TechnologyTM for enhanced wet and winter traction.

As a leading all-season tire optimized for winter conditions, the Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady uses an asymmetric tread with multiple lateral grooves to enhance wet and snow performance. Goodyear’s proprietary Weather Reactive Technology uses advanced tread compounding to stay pliable in freezing temperatures for snow and ice traction. 

This Weather-Reactive compound also incorporates natural soybean oil for added flexibility and grip.

The directional tread pattern actively pumps water away through dual Aquachannel grooves on the outside shoulder. Inside the tread, interlocking 3D Active Sipes expand and contract for snow and slush grip. As the pre-molded macro-sipes widen with wear, Evolving Traction Grooves maintain wet and snowy traction throughout the tire’s life.

During winter testing by TireRack, the Assurance WeatherReady stopped up to 7 feet shorter on snow than comparable tires, earning its SEVERE SNOW CERTIFIED rating. Drivers praise its responsive handling and braking across wet, snowy, and slushy roads. Backed by a 60,000-mile warranty, the Assurance WeatherReady is one of the top-performing all-season tires designed for winter drivability.


  • Excellent all-weather traction
  • Remarkable winter performance
  • Strong dry handling and braking


  • Can be pricier than some alternatives

4. Continental Control Contact Tour AS Plus

Continental Control Contact Tour AS Plus

Highlight: Electric vehicle priority in the product line.

The Continental Control Contact Tour AS Plus takes a balanced approach to all-season performance, prioritizing comfort, quietness, long treadwear, and fuel efficiency. The Ecoplus Technology utilizes advanced tread polymer to reduce rolling resistance for enhanced fuel economy. The +Silane additives also boost wet braking grip and handling.

While winter traction falls slightly behind other all-season tires, the Control Contact still grips respectably in light snow and slush thanks to biting edges from multiple sipes across the independent tread blocks. Drivers praise its responsive handling and braking in dry and wet conditions, with a smooth, quiet ride for long highway commutes.

With a focus on value and longevity, the Control Contact Tour comes with an 80,000-mile warranty and a 24-month free replacement period when installed on electric or hybrid vehicles. For drivers wanting a refined, fuel-efficient all-season tire, the Control Contact is a great choice with respectable snow and ice capabilities.


  • Long wear
  • Wet traction and handling
  • Enhanced fuel efficiency
  • Smooth, quiet ride quality


  • Winter traction is not as strong as dedicated snow tires

5. General AltiMAX 365 AW

General AltiMAX 365 AW

Highlight: Sinusoidal intermediate sipes enhance snow traction.

Part of the AltiMAX family engineered for all-weather traction, the General AltiMAX 365 AW provides year-round performance for sedans, coupes, and crossovers. Certified with the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, its tread pattern uses Snow-Groove technology to optimize stiffness for enhanced snow and slush traction.

The intermediate sinusoidal sipes across the independent tread blocks provide hundreds of extra biting edges for snow grip and channeling water away. Multiple lateral grooves also enhance hydroplaning resistance on wet roads. General Tire’s MaxTouch construction ensures handling stability and responsiveness across changing road conditions.

During TireRack testing, the AltiMAX 365 AW stopped up to 44 feet shorter than leading competitors on the snowy pavement. Drivers praise its balanced traction, predictable handling, and braking across wet, dry, and winter weather. Plus with a 65,000-mile warranty, the 365 AW is a great value all-season tire option.


  • Strong snow traction for an all-season tire
  • Confident wet and dry handling
  • Quiet, comfortable ride


  • Winter grip is not as strong as dedicated snow tires

6. Firestone WeatherGrip

Firestone WeatherGrip

Highlight: Snow Traction ClawTM design for snow and slush grip.

The Firestone WeatherGrip is a competitively priced all-season tire designed to enhance traction and control in wet, snowy, and light icy conditions. The tread pattern utilizes Firestone’s Hydro-Grip Technology, with outside shoulder slots that enhance water evacuation from the tread.

Multiple lateral and zig-zagging intermediate grooves provide extra snow and slush-gripping edges. The Snow Traction Claw design uses independent center ribs to remain flexible and maximize snow contact. Combined with notched intermediate blocks, the WeatherGrip grips snow better than many all-season tires.

During winter testing, the WeatherGrip stopped up to 15 feet shorter on snow than leading competitors. Drivers praise its cornering grip and traction when accelerating, braking, or turning on wet and slippery surfaces. The WeatherGrip offers impressive all-season performance for the price, backed by a 65,000-mile warranty.


  • Strong wet and light snow traction
  • Steering responsiveness on wet roads
  • Affordable pricing


  • Winter and icy traction lags premium tires
  • Some tread noise

7. Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3

Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3

Highlight: +Silane Functionalized Polymer adapts to conditions.

As Pirelli’s premium all-season tire designed for North American conditions, the P7 AS Plus 3 incorporates an innovative tread compound that adapts to provide optimized grip across changing road surfaces. Pirelli’s +Silane Functionalized Polymer bonds with the tread surface, increasing silica-to-rubber ratios for enhanced wet and snow traction.

The asymmetric tread pattern actively pumps water away through outside lateral grooves and multiple inner zig-zagging sipes. Combined with 3D sipes across the independent tread blocks, the P7 AS Plus 3 grips wet pavement and light snow with control and confidence. Pirelli’s Comfort Layer Technology also dampens road vibration for a smooth, quiet ride.

During winter testing, the P7 stopped over 21 feet shorter on snow than leading competitors, providing winter traction that even rivals some dedicated snow tires. Engineered for year-round performance on coupes, sedans, and crossovers, drivers praise its confident wet and snow handling, braking, and traction.


  • Supreme wet and winter traction
  • Confident handling and braking
  • Plush ride quality
  • Low noise levels


  • Higher priced than basic all-season tires

8. Vredestein HiTrac All Season

Vredestein HiTrac All Season

Highlight: Vredestein Comfort Control Technology.

Providing all-season versatility focused on comfort, the Vredestein HiTrac delivers reliable dry and wet handling along with adequate light snow traction. The asymmetric tread pattern enhances high-speed stability while multiple wide grooves actively channel water away.

The independent center ribs remain flexible to conform to the road, using sipes and spacing to improve winter grip. Vredestein’s Comfort Control Technology includes an extra layer of casing that dampens vibrations for a smooth, quiet ride. The HiTrac offers a balance of comfort, control, and capability.

While winter traction doesn’t match dedicated snow tires, drivers praise the HiTrac’s all-season stability, even wear, and comfortable ride quality. Engineered for crossover, sedan, and coupe fitments, it provides versatile year-round performance. Backed by a 70,000-mile warranty, the HiTrac is an affordable option for drivers who see only occasional light snow.


  • Smooth, quiet ride
  • Strong wet and dry handling
  • Good tread life
  • Affordable pricing


  • Winter traction lags premium all-season tires

9. BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport

 BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport

Highlight: 3D Active Sipe technology for wet and snow grip.

Providing performance all-season capabilities at a reasonable price, the BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport focuses on enhancing wet pavement and light snow traction. The intermediate tread blocks use Active-Response Technology and 3D Active Sipes that lock together under torque for dry responsiveness.

When hydroplaning risk increases in wet conditions, the sipes unlock to provide hundreds of extra biting edges. Additional Aqua-Flume grooves help channel away water for hydroplaning resistance at high speeds. For light snow and slush traction, the Advantage T/A relies on the siped intermediate blocks.

While winter traction falls slightly below premium all-season tires, the Advantage T/A still grips adequately for occasional light snow and slippery conditions. Drivers praise its wet pavement grip and balanced handling capabilities across changing conditions. It’s a strong overall performer for the price.


  • Strong wet traction and hydroplaning resistance
  • Good light snow and slush capabilities
  • Responsive dry handling
  • Affordable pricing


  • Winter traction is not as strong as premium all-season tires

Comparison Table

Tire ModelSnowOverallPrice
Michelin CrossClimate 25/55/5Expensive
Bridgestone Weatherpeak4/55/5Affordable
Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady5/55/5Affordable
Continental Control Contact Tour AS Plus3/54/5Affordable
General AltiMAX 365 AW4/54/5Cheap
Firestone WeatherGrip4/53/5Cheap
Pirelli P7 AS Plus 35/55/5Expensive
Vredestein HiTrac All Season3/54/5Cheap
BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport3/54/5Cheap

Are All-Season Tires Good in Snow?

All-season tires strike a balance between summer and winter performance. They work year-round, eliminating the need to change tires seasonally. 

While they don’t match dedicated winter tires on packed snow and ice, the best all-season tires today provide confident snow traction for lighter amounts of snow.

Modern all-season tires use advanced tread compounds and siping technology to improve snow and ice grip. For drivers in locations with milder winters, they can be a versatile and cost-effective choice over snow tires. However, for frequent heavy snow or icy conditions, winter tires are still recommended. For more on how good all-season tires are for snow click here.

Specific Recommendations for Different Vehicles

For SUVs and Crossovers

The Michelin CrossClimate 2, Bridgestone Weatherpeak, and Continental Control Contact Tour AS Plus are top choices that offer enhanced snow traction for SUVs and crossovers.

For Trucks and Full-Size SUVs

Opt for the Firestone WeatherGrip, General AltiMAX 365 AW, or Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady for optimal snow and ice performance in trucks and large SUVs.

For Performance Sedans and Coupes

The Continental Control Contact Tour AS Plus and Vredestein HiTrac All Season provide strong wet/dry handling and lighter snow traction for sporty sedans.

For Mainstream Family Sedans

The Vredestein HiTrac All Season and Michelin CrossClimate 2 deliver a smooth, quiet ride with confident wet and light snow traction for family cars.

For Subaru Forester and Outback

The Michelin CrossClimate 2 and Pirelli P7 AS Plus 3 provide excellent handling, control, and winter traction for Subaru crossover models.

Find the Right Tires for Your Winter Driving

Choosing suitable all-season tires for lighter snow conditions provides year-round versatility and convenience. Evaluate your specific vehicle fitment needs and local winter weather before deciding on the best tires for snow traction. With our top all-season tire recommendations for snowy roads, you can drive with confidence no matter the forecast.

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